​Something for our hearts to think about…

Posted by Shelby Packer on Dec 3rd 2019

You pleaded for a cash donation and the local deli owner said no. You thought to yourself, “How rude! I eat there all the time. How dare she not give me what I want.”

What you probably didn’t see is the tears in her eyes after you left. She wishes she could help, but has nothing left to give.

You asked for a gift card for a raffle and the local florist said no. You thought to yourself, “Well, that’ll be the last time I order flowers from her!”

You probably didn’t know she just received her 3rd past due notice on her lease. She wants to help, but she’ll be forced to close if she doesn’t get caught up.

You asked for a gift basket for a silent auction, and the local gift shop owner said no. You thought to yourself, “I’ll make sure no one else shops there ever again”.

What you probably don’t know is the store owner just sold her car to pay her rent and cover payroll for her employees.

You begged the local jeweler for a team sponsorship and he said no. You thought to yourself, “How can he say no? I bought my wife a pair of earrings there last year!”

What you probably don’t know is, the jeweler hasn’t paid himself in over a year, has lost his home, and is now living out of the back of the store.

You asked the local coffee shop to provide free coffee for an event and he said no. You thought to yourself, “Why would anyone want to pass on free advertising?!”

What you probably don’t know is his sales are down and he can barely afford to purchase the coffee he is selling, rather than what you are asking him to give you for free.

You asked the local toy store to provide free toys to underprivileged children. You were disgusted when he said no and you thought to yourself, “How can someone who sells toys not love children?!”

What you probably didn’t know is he’ll be forced to close his store this month because he hasn’t had a paying customer in weeks.

*      *      *      *      *

You went in to the local deli and tried something new on the menu. You thought to yourself, “That was delicious! I’ll leave a great review.”

You sent a beautiful flower bouquet to your wife “just because” and she posted a photo for all to see. Now all the other husbands want to send flowers too!

Your mom’s birthday is tomorrow. You stopped by the gift shop to grab her something special and added a gift card so she can shop there again.

You treated yourself to a new pair of earrings. They were so pretty that everyone asked where you bought them.

You stopped on your way to work to pick up coffee for your co-workers. It was so tasty, they stopped by for a second cup on the way home.

You heard a rumor your local toy store owner couldn’t afford toys for his own children, so you surprised them with gifts on Christmas morning.

*      *      *      *      *

You asked for a cash donation and the local deli owner said, “Absolutely!”

You asked the florist for a gift card and she said, “I would love to help!”

You asked the gift shop for a silent auction basket and she said, “I’m sure I can’t put something special together.”

You asked the jeweler for a sponsorship and he replied, “Of course! I wouldn’t miss it.”

You stopped by for a cup of coffee and the owner handed it over and said, “This one’s on the house!”

You asked the toy store owner for free toys and with tears in his eyes he said, “Yes! Is twenty enough?”