Lilly Pulitzer Agendas: A Closer Look

Posted by Brittany Welch, Social Media Manager on Jun 6th 2019

Lilly Pulitzer Agendas: A Closer Look

Just in at Cordial Lee: New Lilly Pulitzer agendas!! We're halfway through the year..are you organized?!'s never too late!! These gorgeous 2019-2020 agendas have adorable details that we are giving you an exclusive peek at before you buy. 

Let's begin! First, what designs do we offer? We've got various sizes and designs to choose from, so take your pick! 

It's hard to choose a favorite, we know! In total we've got 11 new agendas

This large agenda is called Viva La Lilly...words to live by!

Ready for a peek inside? Every week in the agenda has an adorable bordered design with TONS of space to let out your thoughts, plans, and due dates!! 

Taking a trip in the next year?! Lilly's got you covered with this escape plan helper!!

Let's dive into some more designs...

If the large agenda is too much for you, how about a medium? This print is called Turtley Awesome, of course.

Looking for some color? You NEED the Fiesta Bamba agenda in your life!

Nothing puts you in the tropical spirit like the Floridita design! Perfect for flamingo lovers.

...But you can never go wrong with floral! How about the Cheek To Cheek print?

Go underwater with the Kaleidoscope Coral design! Bigger than a large, this is the jumbo size.

Before we go, let's look inside one more time.

Never forget a passing thought again!

An overview of the week, with space for last-minute reminders.

Agendas come in different sizes and designs, don't forget!

So...which agenda do YOU need?! xo

*Photos by Charlotte Mason