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The Do’s and Don’ts of Monograms…

As you know, I’m a lover of all things monogrammed, but it literally hurts my southern heart when I see a good monogram go bad. It is so important for the longevity of all that is monogrammed that we continue to monogram, but do it properly like the wonderful southern women we are.

Keep it Classy

DON'T wear too many monograms at once. If your hat, purse, shoes, necklace, jacket, earrings, key fob, cell phone case and tumbler is monogrammed and you choose to wear/carry them all at the same time, you’re committing a major fashion crime. Don’t be surprised when some TV host from one of those fashion make-over shows jumps out of the bushes at you on your way into Starbucks. I’m just sayin’. It could happen.

DO: Use them as an accent piece wearing a maximum of one, maybe two monogrammed items at once. No more. I’m serious about this, y’all. Stop it.

You get what you pay for.

DON'T buy cheap monograms. $1 a letter may sound like a good deal until you get it back and find your item has been ruined. Common errors made by amateur embroiderers include misspelled words/monograms, improper placement, wrong stabilizer/needle/thread, cheap materials…heaven knows the list goes on.

DO: Hire a professional. Trust me on this one… a professional embroiderer can spot a bad monogram a mile away. They’ve spent years studying the trade and their prices will reflect that. The machines are big and expensive and they don’t skimp on materials. The quality will speak for itself and provide you with a monogrammed item as beautiful as you are. Btw, you look fabulous today!

Size Matters

DON'T, just don’t… put a 3 foot monogram on the back of your car or a 20 inch monogram on your chest.

DO: Make sure your monogram size is proportionate to the item it’s being placed on. Monograms should be classy and timeless – not jumping up and down screaming “Look at me, I’m monogrammed!” With that said, it is possible to use large monograms in a beautiful and elegant way. If you’re fixin’ to go big or go home, try a large wooden monogram above your bed or in a wreath on your front door.

Make it pretty!

DON'T select the wrong font. Not every font looks great in any letter combination. Be selective because the font you choose may look off center, unbalanced, lop-sided, crooked, or even like another letter when using your letters. This is where your embroidery professional comes in. They see the letters every day and can recommend one that will look fabulous with your letter combo.

DO: Your monogram is your personal trademark. Try several monogram fonts, and select one that gives you a classic, well balanced, and timeless look that is easy to read. You can even use the style or design of the item to influence your font choice. It’s not uncommon for monogrammed fashionistas to find a font they love and use it every time. Take me for example, I’m a Master Circle Girl but I also love Vine.

Bad Etiquette

DON'T put your letters in the wrong order.

DO: Ask an embroidery professional to assist you with monogram etiquette to make sure the placement of each initial is correct. Each font and monogram style will dictate where each initial should go, and it does change depending on your selection. Sometimes the initials are in the correct order, sometimes the last name is in the center. We’re here to help.

Well, ladies. There I said it. Would you add anything to the list?

Keep it classy, sassy, southern, and monogrammed.

xo, Shelby

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