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The oldest of the Cordial daughters, Aubrey, is fascinated by pirates. In fact, one of her favorite games is to dress up like a pirate and pretend to look for buried treasure in our backyard, which explains the sporadic holes that are dug throughout our yard. When it came time to choose the theme for her fourth birthday party, our decision was easy. We designed the following invitation for her party – matching thank you notes are available, too… even a version for boys.

Not just for unforgettable first portraits, but they’re fabulous for everyday fun and wear, too. Our Ally Girl pettiskirts make a fabulous gift and functional keepsake that will be remembered and treasured always. So let’s join together in welcoming Ally Girl to Cordial Lee. They are a fabulously gorgeous and breath-taking addition to our boutique!

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Today I'd like to wish this amazing woman a very Happy 60th Birthday and a relaxing, well-deserved retirement from 34 years at UPS. I am so thankful for the example she has led to have a strong work ethic, to think creatively outside the box, to look at something and figure out how to recreate it, a strong will and the sheer determination to do whatever my heart desires, the ability to bargain shop and barter with the best of them, the silliness to laugh at myself and have fun in any situation, the optimism to always see the glass half full, the humility to apologize and admit when I'm wrong, and how to follow God and love unconditionally with my whole heart. Thank you for being the best and most supportive mom ever.
Our #monogrammed plaid trucker hats are sooo cute. Available in-store and online at ☺
The squishiest of little bunnies. 🐰 Our #monogrammed bunny beanies are available in-store and online at
Happy 18th to our super amazing, awesome, sweet, funny, beautiful, smart, fashionista salesgal...Cory!! We love you soooo much!! (Now go party like it's yo #Birfday!!)
Some things are just too precious for words. This little bunny is definitely ready for #Easter.
These have to be my favorite new purse. They are amazing with a monogram. 😊

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