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LIVE with Dawne Gee on Wave 3 News

Hey Y'all!!

As many of you know… Cordial Lee was recently invited to be a guest on our local WAVE3 news station for Valentine's Day! Of course, there's no business like show business, and we want to give you the inside scoop on just how our day with Dawne Gee went.

When we arrived at the station, we were welcomed and brought inside to the back of the LIVE studio production rooms. It resembles a warehouse with large garage doors that can be lifted to roll in displays like ours!

Cordial Lee Owner, Shelby Packer, pointing to the "On Air" Light just outside the studio door. You can hear a pin drop when this light it on.

We weren't the only guests that day! And just in case we weren't already nervous enough (I mean who wouldn’t be nervous, it's Dawne Gee!) the guest on air right before us was a huge vulture from the Louisville Zoo! What happens backstage, stays backstage ladies…

Shelby & I posing with the Vulture

As our time grew closer and closer, we were met by a microphone tech, who grew increasingly nervous at our abundance of picture-taking, but was a good sport in it all!

And finally, it was time to roll in the display and hit the screen! Dawne introduced herself and immediately was drawn to our Pink Haley Duck Boots, she just couldn't get enough. We talked about the origin of "Cordial Lee", our store, new products, and everything monogrammed. 

If you missed our segment, you can watch it below!

Special Thanks to Dawne Gee!!

Our segment was an overall HUGE success! We thank our loyal customers for your continued love and support, and of course thank WAVE3 and Dawne Gee for having us at the station! Until next time... xo

Haley Snyder

Social Media Manager

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